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TeamBuilding Unlimited, a division of Murder on the Menu, will work with you to meet the needs of the changing emotional and financial climate of meetings, conferences and special events. Now more than ever, companies are looking for teambuilding events that will help teams build morale, work together towards a common goals and incorporate tools and strategies they can continue to use back at work.

bonding hands-on team building funOur trained facilitators will guide you through each teambuilding event, keep teams on track and assist in any way necessary to insure your participants get the most of the event. Our events are competitive but not strenuous. Everyone can participate.

Our teambuilding events will:

  • Motivate active participation
  • Generate enthusiasm
  • Improve communication
  • Involve creative problem-solving


The Dynamic Construction Project: Building Bridges

bridges teambuildingEach team is challenged to design and create a structure—a Bridge, A Castle, a Ship or another physical structure. In this teambuilding activity, each team makes use of different forms of building materials to create unique, stylized objects. The process of building becomes the metaphor for corporate goals, whether it is a bridge to the future or bridging new relations. Variations: BRIDGES TO THE FUTURE. CASTLES IN THE SKY. SHIPS ASEA! All materials, facilitators, and prizes provided.


Scavenger Quest

wacky games fun team buildingThe search for adventure begins as resourceful teams gather items related to their meeting or company. The activity and day ends in exciting presentations utilizing the found objects. The sky is the limit on the possibilities of this emotional team-bonding and team-building activity. Cameras, treasure chest, map/directions, facilitators, prizes. TeamBuilding Unlimited has many different types of Scavenger Hunts, and we will work with your company and design a quest that will meet the needs of your group, the location and still incorporate who you are.


Wacky Mini-Olympic Games 

A series of wacky interactive team games as a fun teambuilding/team bonding activity. Selection decided in consultation with client. As in the Olympics, not every team member participates in every activity. Many activities are performed at same time. Team captains will select several individuals to compete in each event. Explanation of events, materials for competition, facilitators, team colors, awards and so much more. Can be done on the Beach, a Field, or a Meeting room or Ballroom. The following are some of the possible Events. 12-20 games at any event. Suitcase Relay, Frisbee Toss For Accuracy, Hula Hoop For Time, Mummy Wrap, Crab Walk Slalom, Group Cheer, Paper Airplane Making and Toss For Distance, Bocce Ball golf, and so many more Wacky Imaginative Games all named to reflect your company, team and group.


Top Flight

bears that care charity teambuildingThis is a variation on our tried and true and extremely popular Corporate Grand Prix. In Top Flight, teams design and "fly" planes that include wings. All planes stay the course, although none actually go airborne! A good thing, since design does not include "landing gear." Teams are given identical building materials utilizing PVC Pipe, Connectors, Wheels, Saws, Knives, Markers, Rip-stop nylon, flexible wood, assorted Steering Devices, Parts and more. Team members have an equal opportunity to showcase skills and creativity. Facilitators brief teams on the challenge and assist throughout the process, but do not aid in construction of the planes. Each plane will have a unique design and ability to "fly" the course.


cake teambuildingThe Charity Challenge #1:
Trikes for Tots

Build a Trike for a Tot. Each team receives the same Tricycle parts, and our trained facilitators will supervise the event.  Participants will be challenged by several "children's competitive games" in order to receive the tricycle parts. The reward for building the Tricycles is the reward of giving back to the community. Trikes will be donated to the charity of your choice.


The Charity Challenge #2: Bears that Care

bears that care charity teambuildingTeamBuilding Unlimited leads you in a Bears That Care Teddy Bear team-building event! This is a great way to bring your team together while providing comfort to needy children during the holiday season or throughout the year. Games, T-shirts for bears (or other animals), ribbon, boxes, cards provided. Each person will make an animal or bear. Games will be done as the competitive portion of this event.


The Charity Challenge #3:
Rocking Horses

Teams assemble, decorate and paint Rocking Horses that are donated to your charity of choice. Once teams have completed their rocking horse, they will participate in a team Corral Building Challenge. Each team must work together to build a corral that completely encloses the entire team as well as the rocking horse inside the corral. All materials and tools provided.

rocking horse charity team building


Wacky Wine Games

wacky wine games team buildingPerfect for high-energy team building fun in the Vineyards! This series of Wacky Wine Games capitalizes on the locale! Games are customized to include the team, goals and objectives (to have fun!). Games might include: Wine Trivia Contest, Cork Building Tower, Harvesting Grapes (hilarious 2-3 person team event with catcher's mitts, grapes & more), Marketing Wine T-Shirt (creation, modeling & explanation), Golf Among the Grapes (funny spin on a Hole in One!) and many more! Prizes for the winning team? Wine, of course!


Thirst for Adventure

golf teambuildingTeams compete to design the best "corporate" beverage including a new container shape, label, theme, advertising jingle and more. Presentational dynamics and team building are interwoven to produce a memorable event. Teams design an incremental "marketing" plan for this fictitious beverage incorporating design, media exposure, ingenuity, resourcefulness and creativity. This activity can be used by groups to encourage thinking outside the box.
This is a wonderful team-building/team-bonding activity that will involve the group, company product, the theme of the off-site, and the location. This activity will develop cooperation, planning and conceptualization, while emphasizing interactive group dynamics, multi-tasking and FUN!!


Corporate Grand Prix

grand prix race team buildingTeams design and build a Racecart from identical building materials utilizing PVC Pipe, Connectors, Wheels, Saws, Knives, Markers, assorted Steering Devices, Parts and more. In addition, each team will design a T-shirt that their "racecar" driver will wear during the race. Team members have an equal opportunity to showcase skills and creativity. Facilitators brief teams on the challenge and assist throughout the process, but do not aid in construction of the racecars. Since there is no "correct" way to build the racecars, each racecar will have a unique design and ability to run the course.
Upon completion, team racecars will compete against each other in a less than straight course (remember the racecars do not have motors and maneuverability will depend on the skill of selected team driver and "pushers" as well as construction of vehicle). Prizes will be awarded for the team with the most creative racecar design, the new corporate T-shirt, and the team that actually wins the race.


Project Recycled Runway

Project Recycled Runway is a fun competition that taps into the creativity and resourcefulness of your group. Teams are given the opportunity to design and construct outfits, walk down the fashion runway, and create a pitch for their fashions that ties back to the goals and objectives and theme of their meeting/event.

project runway team buildingParticipants are the "designers" as they work in teams under time pressure using newspaper, cardboard, garbage bags, cloth, recycled accessories, glue guns, staplers, and duct tape.

This is a Green Team Building Event!

Teams are judged on quality, style and ingenuity, as well as model ability and spokesperson's explanation. There is never a right answer in fashion, and the final show is always surprising and entertaining. Winning designs/teams will be judged by their peers and "celebrity" judges.

Project Recycled Runway is a teambuilding activity that is varied, collaborative, creative and engaging, generating team spirit.

Which Team will win Project Recycled Runway? And which teams will be out?


American Team Idol

bay area bonding teambuildingAmerican Team Idol, an incredible interactive event, includes team efforts with a song about your group, your company, your meeting. Everyone participates—choice of back-up singer, main singer, dancer. TeamBuilding Unlimited, a division of Murder on the Menu, will bring this great activity to your next meeting, conference or special event. Teams compete to win fabulous prizes in several categories. Points are given for lyrics, style, and creativity. TeamBuilding Unlimited/Murder on the Menu provides M.C. and judges and a keyboardist to accompany your teams. This is rollicking fun and a great teambonding experience that can take place in the middle of a meeting, during dinner or just about whenever and wherever you choose.


So You Think Your Team Can Dance? Team Dance Competition 

grand prix race team buildingBeing able to dance has become more and more popular. Everyone is realizing how much fun it can be, especially when done with your own colleagues.

So You Think You Can Dance: Team Dance Competition can take place in an office, at a conference center, in a ballroom, at your hotel, or even outdoors. Our professional choreographers will help your group explore their creative side!

In this amazingly fun team building activity, teams are taught different dances by professional Choreographers. Later in the evening each team performs their dances in front of the rest of the group. Prizes are awarded for the "Best" Dancers.

Each team works with a Professional Dance Choreographer to come up with a 60-90 second dance routine. Different dance styles will be incorporated into the instruction and performance.

Teams will perform their 60-90 second routine later in the evening in front of their colleagues. Judges will critique each team on originality of the routine and group unity.

TeamBuilding Unlimited's corporate team dance program will reinforce work teams by enhancing communication, relationships, self-esteem and social awareness. Corporate participants will strengthen key skills as they listen, learn, persevere, and perform in a relaxed fun-filled environment.


scavenger hunt teambuildingMarketopoly

Teams redesign company logo, marketing, branding, and more as they create a fictitious new product incorporating design, media exposure, ingenuity, resourcefulness and creativity. This activity can be used by groups to encourage thinking outside the box. Redesign of the company Logo is only one component of this event. Can be combined with Scavenger Quest onsite or offsite.


Chocolate Challenge

bay area bonding teambuildingTeams are challenged to construct a "creative" designated chocolate structure—either a bridge, a tower, castle or another structure—while incorporating their Company into the event. The process is grounded in both the reality and uncertainty of the task. Specific structure will be defined after reviewing company information.
A variety of chocolate based materials provided, team colors, t-shirts and mortar. Isn't it all about working together in this sweet challenge? Possibilities: The Tower of Chocolate/ Chocolate Bridges/ A new Chocolate Research Facility. This is a unique interactive event with chocolate as the basis. A variation on our mouthwatering Chocolate Tasting and our creative Dynamic Construction Project.


Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

bonding energetic san francisco teambuildingThis is not just Icing on the Cake... Teams design and decorate cakes to reflect their team, their company, their goals and objectives. (Themes for cakes will be decided in consultation with the company).
Each person will be given an apron and a chef's hat. Individuals will decorate their chef's hat with their team name. Then the real fun begins. Each team is challenged to create and decorate a cake that symbolizes the team itself, the company, their positions at the company, or another theme. 
Each group will be given a large sheet cake that can be carved or left as is. With a variety of cake design supplies, tools and assorted cake decorations, the group will turn their concept into reality. After the cake is designed and decorated, each team will create a commercial to present their cake to the entire group. And last but not least, participants will enjoy their creations. You can have your cake and eat it, too!


Food for the "Fair-way" of Life: Mini-Golf Putting Solutions

Get in the Giving Spirit as TeamBuilding Unlimited leads you in a team-building event that MAKES A DIFFERENCE! This is a great way to bring your team together while fulfilling corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.

fairway minigolf food bank teambuildingYour team can make a difference in Child Hunger in America. Build camaraderie and feel a sense of adding value by directly helping the community and filling up pantry shelves. Teams create a mini-golf course with cans and boxes of nutrition. This is a charity team building event that contributes to your local food bank and provides a direct, tangible benefit from which your team will reap huge rewards!

Teams are challenged to construct a "creative" miniature golf hole from food cans and boxed goods in different sizes and colors that will later be donated to a charity/food bank. Each hole must reflect their own team, company, or theme of the meeting/event. On completion, teams play the course!!!

Before donation, teams play the course and winners are chosen for most creative hole as well as lowest overall score for play.

Once the tournament is complete, groceries are boxed and presented to a local food bank.


bridges teambuildingPutt for Glory:
The New "Client" Miniature Golf Course

Teams design and play the perfect miniature golf course based on their company, group, jargon and specific participants. Team Dynamics and hands-on design and construction create ACTIVE LEARNING. Teams are challenged to construct a "creative" miniature golf hole that reflects their own team and company. On completion, teams will play the course!!!
Prizes and more.



Sensational Sandcastle Building
(Excellent for Change-themed meetings)

bonding energetic san francisco teambuildingTeams are challenged to construct a "creative" themed Sand Castle. The process is grounded in both the reality and uncertainty of the task. This is not your usual trip to the Beach!  Goals: To Design a Sand Castle (an architectural "masterpiece") using the sand and tools and other materials and information provided. Company/Group/Goals and Objectives must be included in the final structure in some way. Groups will be judged on creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness and other criteria involved in creative team-building.


Go Fly a Kite

kite flying teambuildingRecapture the child inside as you participate in a challenging teambuilding kite building and flying contest. Teams are challenged to contract a creative kite while incorporating their group, company into the design and decoration. And, the kite must be able to fly. The process is grounded in both the reality and uncertainty of the task and forces of nature. Kites and teams will be judged on most creative kite, best incorporation of the company or team. Then the fun begins as teams are pitted against each other as their artistic endeavor takes flight—they will be judged on: best crash, fastest ascent and more!


Customized Cotton: T-Shirts By Design

This is a perfect activity to reinforce the meeting or group's raison d'etre or meeting theme. Participants work teams to "design" a T-shirt that reflects the meeting, the key objectives, and other relevant points. One person from each team will "model" the group T-shirt in a fashion runway finale.

scavenger quest team building


santa claus teambuildingDelicious Designs: The Great Gingerbread House Competition
(Perfect for the Holidays)

Teams work together to design, build and decorate the best Gingerbread House to reflect their company and/or their group within the company. All materials are provided including instructions, gingerbread, decorations, icing, candy, sprinkles and other goodies! You supply the resourceful creativity and dynamic energy. So roll up your sleeves and get down to food basics. Design a delicious gingerbread house that reflects the raison d'être of your group.


Marvelous Mural/Quilt Art Project

muraling teambuildingParticipants work in teams to "design" a piece of a Mural or Quilt that when assembled represents their group, products, company or another theme. Each team gets 1-2 squares to design about their theme and/or company. Deciding on the theme of the quilt or mural is part of the challenge. TeamBuilding Unlimited works with your teams on color palette and technique—but the best part is the creativity of your participants. TeamBuilding Unlimited will guide your creativity, provide the materials, and facilitate the event. The "quilt or mural" is then assembled by your teams and can be displayed back at the workplace or donated to shelters, hospitals or other sites.
This team building event involves creativity, leadership, strategic thinking, sequenced planning and communication. Mural Making is about Process, as much as art. Facilitators work with the teams to encourage them to think BIG.
The final product is a visual documentation of your team's understanding and awareness of the theme they have selected and the process through which they went.
Variations: Can be done with mixed media including found objects (recycle, reuse). Goal: Separate parts that add up to one vision! The Big Picture!


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